Breaks and Stitches at WellStreet

As the weather gets warmer, Atlantians are headed out to enjoy spring before the dog days of summer arrive.  From walks in the park to community sports, it’s a great time to get out and get rid of the winter doldrums.  Unfortunately, this also means there is a greater likelihood of sports-related injuries.  Accidents happen, but luckily WellStreet Urgent Care is here to help!  These types of injuries are no problem for the physicians at your neighborhood WellStreet center.  We’ll stitch cuts and set broken bones – there’s no need for a pricey ER visit that could last you hours.  You’ll never need an appointment at WellStreet and our wait times are less than an hour!  We’ll get you in, out and well on your way to feeling better so you can get back on the field, fast.


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