Treatment for Pink Eye at WellStreet Urgent Care

Every year, many people come down with conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye. This condition can cause redness, itching and watering, and can be intensely difficult to live with. Some strains of pink eye can also generate large amounts of pus inside the eyelids. You may believe that only your primary care doctor can provide an effective treatment for pink eye, but it may be difficult to get an appointment on short notice with your primary care doctor, or you may not have one. Not to worry, treatment for pink eye is readily available at your local WellStreet Urgent Care center.

There are several different kinds of pink eye that an individual can suffer from. Whenever seeking medical treatment, it is always a good idea to collect as much information as possible. By keeping track of the symptoms you are experiencing, it may be possible to ascertain which kind of pink eye you have, so that you can properly inform the expert physicians at your neighborhood WellStreet Urgent Care facility.

Viral pink eye is most commonly associated with redness and irritation. Most often it occurs after someone has had a cold or respiratory infection. If you have recently been sick, you should inform the doctor, as it may be prove vital in diagnosing and deciding on a treatment for pink eye.

Bacterial pink eye is typically associated with a build-up of pus around the eye. It is usually caused by coming into contact with some kind of foreign contaminant, and may not be preceded by a cold or virus. Whether you are suffering from viral, bacterial, chemical or allergy induced pink eye, help should never be out of reach.

Pink eye can spread very easily. Once a person is infected, it can be very difficult to concentrate on work, school or anything else due to the trouble seeing that can often occur. Thankfully, treatment for pink eye is only as far away as your nearest Atlanta area WellStreet Urgent Care center.  No appointment is necessary so you can stop in at your convenience and we’ll get you well on your way, fast! 

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