Treatment for Migraines

For many people, finding the right treatment for migraines is extremely difficult. Some people suffer for months at home, after being told again and again that their migraines are beyond treatment.

Often, the exact cause of migraines is elusive. People that attempt to diagnose themselves may mistake their migraines for just a severe normal headache, and attempt to treat it with conventional over the counter medication. With most migraines, this can be quite ineffective.

There are many different symptoms that your doctor can use to help properly diagnose a migraine. Some of the more common migraine symptoms include a throbbing pain on one side of the head or behind the eyes. This is often accompanied by an extreme sensitivity to light and sound. For some people, nausea and vomiting can occur during a migraine as well.

On occasion, some people experience an aura before the onset of a migraine. These can include blurred vision, flashes of light, and the sensation of pins and needles on the extremities. After the worst is over, many people that experience migraines report feeling worn out or exhausted.

It is always important to keep track of such occurrences. The more information your doctor has, the better able he or she will be to prescribe the best possible treatment for migraines.

The treatment for migraines can vary depending on the patient. Sometimes it can include a change in sleeping habits. Other times it may include a change in diet to remove dietary triggers for migraines. Medication is often required to successfully prevent or lessen the symptoms of a migraine headache.

WellStreet Urgent Care may be able to help you find out if the headaches you are experiencing are truly migraines. One of our board-certified physicians will give you a thorough examination and may prescribe medication to help treat your migraine symptoms.  No appointment is necessary, so stop in to your neighborhood WellStreet and we’ll get you well on your way…fast!

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