How to Manage Your Diarrhea (and What to Do if You Can’t)

Diarrhea can be isolated or happen as a result from another illnesses or health problem. Fortunately in most cases, a bout with diarrhea is only temporary and doesn’t stick around for long. Still, it can make things uncomfortable and put a significant strain on your day to day activities.

Do you have trouble managing diarrhea when it strikes? If so, take a look below to learn more about how to handle and treat diarrhea. You will also find out what to do if it continues and shows no signs of letting up, too!

Managing Diarrhea Symptoms

Dealing with a case of diarrhea can leave you feeling weak and tired. Your body also loses a large amount of nutrients and water in the process. That is why it is absolutely crucial to up your fluid intake, so make sure you keep a bottle of water by your side at all times. Sports drinks are also helpful in restoring essential nutrients like sodium and potassium.

If your diarrhea is occurring frequently, you may benefit from using an over the counter medicine such as Imodium AD® to help stop the frequency to allow your body to absorb fluids and re-hydrate. However, medicine should only be used for no more than 2 days. If diarrhea occurs longer, there might be a larger and more serious underlying problem that requires a trip to the doctor’s office.

When to See a Doctor

Suffering from diarrhea over an extended period of time requires medical attention. If you’re in the Greater Atlanta area, WellStreet Urgent Care can help diagnose and get you the proper treatment to help alleviate diarrhea altogether. All of the caring physicians on staff are experienced and board certified. No one can give you the care and treatment you deserve like our team at WellStreet!

Don’t let your diarrhea become worse than it already is. Come by any one of our clinics today – no appointment necessary!