Beaumont Urgent Care Offers Telemedicine Appointments & Curbside Screening for Coronavirus Symptoms

[Excerpt from Detroit Free Press article]

“The health system devised a way for its urgent care centers to treat people with coronavirus symptoms — cough, fever, shortness of breath, body aches, loss of smell and taste — and those who are coming for other health problems at the same time, without heightening the risk of exposure to staff and others. 

They’re offering telemedicine appointments to people with coronavirus symptoms or the option of being treated in their cars. 

“At curbside, we can check a pulse-ox and see what their oxygenation level is,” Sessa said. 

Two Beaumont urgent care clinics — one at Woodward and Square Lake roads in Bloomfield Hills and another on Middlebelt Road in Garden City — have been designated to take chest X-rays for patients with COVID-19 symptoms. 

“If we feel that the patient needs a chest X-ray, we set it up so they can get a chest X-ray without going to the hospital,” Sessa said. “They can walk into a back door that goes right into the radiology room, get a chest X-ray and go back out and wait in their car for results. 

“If we feel during that curbside evaluation or during that virtual visit that somebody actually needs to go to the ER … we actually give them a prescription, telling them take this to the ER so they don’t get stuck in the curbside screening at the ER.”

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