Beaumont Urgent Care’s Return-to-Work Program Featured in Grosse Pointe News

[Excerpt from Grosse Pointe News article]

“Beaumont Urgent Care is offering a new program through 16 of its clinics in southeast Michigan, including the Grosse Pointe Farms location, which aims to help businesses through the process from a health and safety perspective.

“We know with Michigan, it’s a little bit more delayed than other states, but I know people are so eager and it’s in phases, so we can help those that are starting next week and then develop even more strategies as more companies decide to open up,” said Bernice Sessa, regional medical director for Beaumont Urgent Care.

The program is available for any size or type of business and is individualized to the specific business.

This is incorporated through COVID-19 exposure strategic planning, including the implementation and assessment of a screening process, training of employers and staff for the screening process and personal protective equipment recommendations, as well as appropriate usage.

“We want to make sure the employers consider how best to decrease the spread of COVID and lower the impact in the workplace and so some of these activities can include monitoring and reducing transmission among the employees, mitigate disruption, minimize absenteeism and maintain a safe workplace,” Sessa explained.

The program also includes both COVID-19 and antibody testing. Sessa reported they have a good supply of kits to cover the need. 

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