COVID-19 Test for Travel

Many airports and event venues in the U.S are now requiring a negative COVID test for entry. It’s important to review the testing requirements of your specific destination as rules differ across countries, states and private businesses.

Where can I get a COVID test for traveling or attending an event?

Piedmont Urgent Care offers COVID testing for all ages at any of our 35+ locations around Atlanta. We are open extended hours, including weekends, no appointment is needed. See your nearest location to book ahead and to get directions.

What kind of test do I need?

Most airlines and event venues will accept any molecular, PCR or antigen test result that was administered by an official testing center. Piedmont Urgent Care offers PCR results as soon as 2 hours and rapid antigen test results within 15 minutes. Please check with your specific destination to determine how recent your test must be taken to be valid. Learn more about the types of tests offered at Piedmont Urgent Care.

What happens after I take the test?

Piedmont Urgent Care will deliver your results to you online either through your MyChart account, email or text messaging. The documentation provided can be submitted for airline or event entry.


If you have any questions about what type of COVID test you need for travel or how to book ahead please contact your nearest Piedmont Urgent Care.