Children & Coughs: When to Visit Urgent Care

Your child’s ongoing cough can be a symptom of a wide range of illnesses, from colds, flu, and allergies to more acute conditions that require immediate attention.

Whether it’s simple or more serious, urgent care can often help get your child the treatment they need.

“As a parent, it’s normal to be concerned if your child is coughing frequently. But the good news is that coughs usually resolve themselves within a matter of days,” says Dr. Bernice Sessa, Regional Medical Director of Beaumont Urgent Care. “If it extends beyond that, an evaluation is warranted to rule out major concerns such as COVID, bronchitis, pneumonia, or more serious conditions that affect the throat and lungs.”

Here are some key indicators that an urgent care visit is needed:

  • Your child has been coughing for more than a week
  • The cough triggers vomiting or headaches
  • The cough is long-lasting and/or a dry cough
  • Your child is having trouble sleeping because of the cough
  • The coughing is paired with a fever, chills, and/or mucus that’s green or brown
  • The cough is affecting their ability to perform usual activities
  • You notice a decrease in energy alongside their cough

If your child is having trouble breathing because of their cough, Dr. Sessa recommends calling 9-1-1 first and then seeking immediate care at the nearest emergency facility or urgent care to assess the situation.

“If someone can’t breathe deeply enough, get air or is working too hard to breathe, this likely warrants a trip to the emergency department.”

Beaumont Urgent Care treats patients 6 months and older and offers convenient virtual visits and book ahead options when you need immediate care. Beaumont Urgent Care also provides efficient and accurate diagnostics with on-site lab testing and X-ray.

When a child’s cough is concerning, our care team can spot the difference between a simple irritation and an illness.

You don’t need an appointment at Beaumont Urgent Care – walk-ins are welcome! We also help you avoid the long waits with our book ahead option. Choosing Beaumont Urgent Care means you get the medical attention and relief you need quickly and conveniently. Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and most private insurance plans are accepted. We also offer competitive self-pay rates for patients without insurance.