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The Beaumont Urgent Care Difference

Uncompromising care sets Beaumont Urgent Care apart

Our Quality Promise

We staff our clinics with specialized providers to ensure short wait times and the best quality care possible.

Each member of our staff will treat you with kindness and respect.

That is our promise to you.

Our Commitment to Comfort

Our goal is to provide a clean and welcoming environment at every Beaumont Urgent Care location.

Each facility is designed for patient comfort with large waiting rooms, separate children’s play areas and amenities such as coffee and drink bars.

We believe that attention to such details is a reflection of our attention to patient care.

Our Vision is to set the standard for patient service excellence in urgent care, becoming the provider and employer of choice in the communities we serve.

Core Values


We each take personal responsibility for ensuring the right care is provided for every patient, every time.


We are considerate, positive, and professional, recognizing the impact of our actions on our patients and colleagues.


We strive to understand the feelings and emotions of our patients and to earnestly help them as we would our own family members.


We each play a role in creating a unique healing experience. Through consistent delivery of our values we transform our roles from jobs into callings.


We do the right thing, which shows up in the care that we provide and how we treat one another. We are respectful, open, and honest with our patients.

Passion & Fun

We create and nurture an engaging, fun and friendly environment that delights our patients, communities, and caregivers.

Meet Our Leaders

Lisa Mikkelsen

Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Mikkelsen joined the company in March 2020 as the Chief Executive Officer. She is a seasoned healthcare executive with 14 years of multi-unit operations experience.

Prior to joining WellStreet, Lisa was the COO of Benevis Dental Practice Management Services, the leading Medicaid-focused children’s dental support organization. Lisa thrives in taking a solutions-based approach to leading teams through growth and change.

She is passionate about developing team members, building culture, and implementing systems and processes to effectively support growth.

Lee A. Resnick, M.D.

President & Chief Growth Officer

Lee A. Resnick, MD is Beaumont Urgent Care by WellStreet’s President & Chief Growth Officer.

Over the course of his 20 year career in urgent care, Dr. Resnick has led the national effort to bring academic rigor and clinical excellence to urgent care medicine.

He was a founding board member and past president of the Urgent Care Association (UCA), where he was honored with an Outstanding Achievement Award.

Dr Resnick is a committed patient advocate, innovator and thought leader, and is proud to serve the mission and vision of Beaumont Urgent Care by WellStreet.

A Message from Lee Resnick

Welcome to Beaumont Urgent Care by WellStreet. As the President & Chief Medical Officer responsible for our rapidly expanding network of urgent care facilities, I can assure you that you’re in for a very different neighborhood-based healthcare experience.

Simply put, our goal at Beaumont is to “wow” you. That means, the moment you walk in the door, you will feel like you are welcome and important to us. You will be made comfortable by both our surroundings and staff – an important first step in making you feel better fast.

Our clinical team is selected and trained for the unique competencies of urgent care medicine so you can feel confident that you are being cared for by those trained in this discipline.

In addition, our clinicians are supported by the most sophisticated medical equipment available.

We have made this commitment to quality to ensure that your visit is satisfying, safe and effective. We will treat you with honor, dignity and respect. We will give you full confidence that you are in the best hands possible when you come to us for your urgent care needs.

Beaumont will become your preferred urgent care choice. One step through our doors and you will be well on your way, I promise.

Thank you for choosing Beaumont Urgent Care by WellStreet.

Lee A. Resnick, MD