Fighting the Wintertime Blues

We’re in the thick of winter. The cold weather and gray skies can take a toll on us both mentally and physically.  It can be tough to motivate ourselves to stay healthy and fit in the winter when we are tempted by thoughts of sitting by a toasty fire and sipping hot cocoa.  As you recover from the indulgences of the holiday season, it is important to get back into a health and fitness routine you can maintain.

Although the temperatures outside may be frosty, exercising outdoors is still a great option.  Be sure to follow these safety precautions for your outdoor workout:

  • Warm up!  Properly warming up your body before a workout is critical, as the cold weather can cause your muscles to tighten and may cause injury.
  • Add on the layers.  Layering not only keeps your muscles warm during a workout, it also allows you to control your body temperature by removing layers if needed.
  • Don’t sweat it!  Just because you may not sweat as much during the winter, does not mean you aren’t getting a great workout.
  • Drink up.  It is just as important to stay hydrated during and after a workout in the winter as it is in the summer, even though you may not feel as thirsty.  Be sure to drink the recommended 64oz of water every day!

If thinking of an outdoor workout gives you the chills, there are many indoor options to keep you fit.  Aside from joining a health club or fitness center, consider taking a walk at an indoor location, like a mall or spend some time climbing stairs in your home or office.  Creating a gym at home doesn’t have to be expensive—a few free weights and an exercise ball will get you off to a great start!

The internet is a vast resource for fitness ideas at all levels.  Plan out your exercise routines in advance and hold yourself accountable for meeting fitness goals.  Remember to consult your physician before beginning any new diet or fitness routine. 

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