Welcome to WellStreet
Urgent and Family Care Centers

WellStreet Urgent Care is expanding your healthcare options throughout Atlanta. Now you have a quality alternative to the long wait and cost of the ER; an easy solution when your primary physician is unavailable or no relationship exists.

Just walk in to any neighborhood WellStreet Urgent Care location and we’ll have you well on your way, fast.
No appointments are needed
Open EVERY DAY – nights, weekends, & holidays
Typical visits last less than 45 minutes
All ages welcome
Covered by most major insurance plans
Competitive self-pay rates
Licensed physicians
Conveniently located
On-site digital Xray capabilities
Urgent care redefined. With our unique approach to patient comfort and commitment to high-quality care, WellStreet is redefining the urgent care experience. Our upscale facilities offer a wide variety of medical treatments for adults and children, friendly and compassionate staff, skilled doctors, and cutting-edge medical equipment all in a comfortable, family-friendly atmosphere.
WellStreet Urgent Care • Great doctors. Great locations. Get better, fast.
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