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Expanding Care in Our Communities Since 2014

Explore the WellStreet Difference

At WellSteet, our mission is to ensure both patients and partners feel valued and well cared for.

We are experts in developing and operating retail Urgent Care networks, leading with the Health System brand to promote community awareness and minimal patient confusion. We combine a proprietary, industry-leading digital patient experience platform with fully integrated Electronic Medical Records systems to provide a best-in-class patient experience where all downstream care coordination friction points are removed. Our ability to rapidly scale and deploy an Urgent Care network or to transform and optimize an existing network enables our partners to compete and win in any market.

Best in Class Proven Operator
Partnership with WellStreet offers a clinically-integrated, omnichannel patient care solution where new patient brand interactions begin, and lifelong patient relationships are forged.
Health System Branded
We lead with the Health System brand to reduce patient confusion, leveraging existing brand equity.
Clinical Integration
Our teams are deeply experienced at integrating the Health System’s EMR instance to maximize clinical integration, data sharing, and patient flows.
Experts in Retail Healthcare
Demonstrated success and experience in superior site selection; retail “playbook” enables WellStreet to compete & win in any market, under the Health System’s brand.
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Why a Partnership with WellStreet is Your Preferred Choice for Urgent Care Expansion


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