WellStreet Urgent Care a Great Alternative to the ER

While serious medical events like head trauma, chest pain or shortness of breath require a trip to the emergency room, most other conditions can actually be treated more quickly and cost effectively at WellStreet Urgent Care.  Every WellStreet center is staffed by a friendly, board-certified physician who, in addition to treating common illnesses and injuries, can take digital x-rays, set broken bones and suture cuts.

Many emergency departments boast short wait times, but they often fail to take into account the total time that your visit takes.  At WellStreet, we’ll get you in, out and feeling better fast, typically within one hour.  When compared to average ER wait times of more than four hours, WellStreet is a smart choice.

Unnecessary use of the ER is a key contributor to increasing healthcare costs for everyone. Trips to the ER for many medical conditions can result in out-of-pocket costs that are three to four times more than a visit to your local WellStreet. For those with insurance, ER co-pays are typically more than double when compared to urgent care, and some insurance plans won’t pay for an ER visit that they consider “non-emergency care”. 

WellStreet centers provide benefits to the overburdened healthcare system by providing 7 day-a-week extended hour access to patients who would otherwise be forced to seek treatment at an emergency room or wait several weeks to see a primary care physician.  For patients, WellStreet provides a faster, more comfortable and convenient setting for the treatment of episodic illness and injury. For Primary Care and ER physicians, WellStreet is a great partner allowing them to spend more time with the chronically ill and those patients with serious emergency conditions. 

Please see the “What We Treat” section of our website for a full list of our capabilities and quick tips on understanding when an ER visit is necessary. WellStreet Urgent Care is here to help you and your family, get back to feeling better fast. So, the next time you’re headed to the ER think WellStreet. For more information or details on the WellStreet center nearest you please visit us on-line at www.wellstreet.com .

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