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Monkeypox in Georgia

Answers from Piedmont Urgent Care

What you need to know about Monkeypox:


In August 2022, the US Government declared the Monkeypox virus a national health emergency. In the wake of a pandemic, news of another national health emergency can be unnerving and stir up feelings of fear and anxiety. The Piedmont Urgent Care providers you trust are sharing their expertise so you are equipped with the facts you need to stay informed and healthy.

Monkeypox Testing at Piedmont Urgent Care

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Monkeypox FAQ

Monkeypox is a rare viral disease genetically similar to smallpox that causes a blister-like rash often found on the head, trunk, and hands or feet. Anyone can catch Monkeypox. There are no monkeypox-specific treatments, although there are ways to treat the virus as it runs its course.

For more information about and resources for the Monkeypox virus, please visit the CDC website.

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