Piedmont’s approach to keeping your workplace safe goes beyond a simple fever screen.

Piedmont Urgent Care is here to support your employees and the community return to work safely and quickly. Let us help you reduce COVID-19 transmission among employees and maintain a healthy work environment.

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COVID-19 Exposure Strategic Planning

  • Implementation and Assessment of Screening Process
  • Training of employer staff for screening process
  • Personnel protective equipment recommendations and appropriate usage

Employee Screening

We can train your staff to do onsite screens or give you tools to help employees screen and manage symptoms of COVID prior to coming into work.

  • On-Site Screening
    • Consult on company screening setups to include temperature screens and screening questions based on symptoms
    • Training of your staff to perform employee COVID-19 screenings
    • Access code for smartphone launch of virtual visit and testing
  • At-Home
    • Screening tool prior to next shift
    • Email verification of screen completion
    • Link to access code for virtual visit, testing and treatment (for positive screens)

Care for Sick Employees

  • Multiple access points for quality, convenient, and affordable medical care
    • Virtual visits
    • In person visits
    • Testing
    • Medical determination or work status

Exposure Management

  • Risk stratification for exposure risk
  • Medical provider evaluation of ill employee

COVID-19 Testing

  • Available onsite for large scale testing or in-clinic for employees as needed

Return to Work Determination

  • Guidelines for safe return to work for confirmed COVID employees and suspected cases with negative testing.
  • Return to work determinations can be made for employee with concerns for any illnesses

Piedmont Urgent Care can help you return to work safely and get back to business as ­­­usual.

Let us help you reduce COVID-19 transmission among employees and maintain a healthy work environment by providing us with some basic information. Click Return to Work and we’ll provide recommendations that fit your needs.