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Best in Class Downstream Patient Activation

Our Core Competencies

Existing Network Transformation
Expansion and Optimization
Rapid Deployment in Untapped Markets

Patient Acquisition

A distributed network of well-run, class leading urgent cares that deliver substantial value to a Health System through three specific value delivery pathways

Better New Patient Capture Rates
A typical WellStreet Location delivers
>20K annual patient visits
>25% Brand New to the Health System.
Fully Integrated Downstream Patient Navigation
The typical location will deliver
>3,750 annual referrals
Health System Patient Activation
~ 1/3 of UC patients are subsequently seen for a hospital service within 120 days

* Based on 2023 CMS National Health Expenditure Fact Sheet

Retail Site Selection Expertise

We are experts in site selection methodologies that deliver maximum levels of community awareness and industry-leading volumes into our urgent care centers

Before WellStreet:

  • in 2018, Beaumont Urgent Care acquired an existing practice located within a Beaumont Service Center
  • 2019 average patient volume in MOB: 26 Patients Per Day

After WellStreet:

  • A+ Retail-oriented site was identified 1/3 mile away from current location
  • UC Center was relocated & opened August 1, 2019
  • Average patient volume December 2019: 54 Patients Per Day


Industry benchmarking demonstrates that a well placed retail urgent care will outperform a Medical Office Building UC by 7-10 patients/day. 

Rapid Market Deployment

We are proven operators with an ability to identify, scale, & capture rapid growth opportunities across new and existing markets through de novo and acquisitive growth strategies

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